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We make productivity applications for your most valuable assets - people.

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Because you have too many apps, 100 tabs open, and can't keep up with the onslaught of information on Slack or Teams. The all-in-one workspace for getting things done.

The most common productivity apps in one.
Projects & Tasks
Knowledge Base & Wiki
Documents & Notes
File Sharing & Storage
Meaningful Interactions

Project & Task Management

Animated image demonstrating Project capabilities

Project & Task Management

A powerful, full-featured management platform designed for ease-of-use and simplicity.
Black and white logo for AtlassianBlack and white logo for AsanaBlack and white logo for Basecamp

Knowledge Base & Wiki

Animated image demonstrating Wiki capabilities

Knowledge Base & Wiki

Share information that is easily accessible. Create blogs, documentation, and more.
Black and white logo for AtlassianBlack and white logo for Bloomfire

Documents & Notes

Screenshot of Notes features

Documents & Notes

Create, manage, and share documents with your team including spreadsheets and notes.
Black and white logo for AtlassianBlack and white logo for Evernote

Files & Storage

Screenshot of Docs features

Files & Storage

Upload files including images, video, documents. Share, comment, add workflows.
Black and white logo for DropboxBlack and white logo for Google Drive

Meaningful Interactions

Animated image demonstrating Chat features

Meaningful Interactions

Unlike Slack or Teams, productivity comes first, real-time chat is supplementary and contextual.
Black and white logo for SlackBlack and white logo for Microsoft Teams

Other Cool Features

Dark Mode
Screenshot demonstrating Dark Mode view
Animated screenshot demonstrating Bundler feature
Saved Filters
Animated screenshot demonstrating Filters feature
Duplicate Detection
Animated screenshot demonstrating Duplicate Detection feature

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We believe in humans. Our products aim to make you productive and happy.

While we are focused on creating the most superior productivity workspace, we have a number of other products in the works.

Project and task management, notes, documents, knowledge base in one.
Create fully interactive, engaging lessons and micro learning content.
Seamlessly manage and syndicate your entire hiring and recruitment process.
Open Source, GUI-based user interface testing platform in browser.
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Our mission is to help organizations get the most out of their most valuable assets - their people.

There is a lot of talk these days about how advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, and Machine Learning will impact the global workforce. At Crucial Human, we believe that the future of work will continue to be driven by people, while technology will support and empower them.

Our purpose is to help organizations invest in their people, develop lasting relationships with their customers, and establish a culture that unlocks the potential of their human workforce.

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